WPC innovation award 2007 

The WPC innovation award shall sensitise the WPC sector – but as well other interested companies – for innovative ideas both in product development and design and in the realisation of new technologies, processes, tools and receipts.

The competition wants to encourage the development of new applications and markets that are appropriate for the material. Especially in the year of the leading fair K'07 many innovations are expected of which the most relevant shall be recognised on the second German WPC congress.

In the focus of this industrial congress are realised and and innovations facing immediate market introduction, no theoretical models or designs.

We expect significant synergies between competition and congress in the public relations work that will finally benefit the material WPC.

The winners of the competition will be publicised on the second day of the congress and afterwards through press contacts to a mixed audience.
The publication of the resulting press reports may occur months later, so one can expect a long-lasting echo in the press.


Product innovation
In the focus is a product that was made of at least 50% WPC (according to the nova definition). This product should have entered the market in 2007 or face immediate market introduction. Ideas or product samples without marketing concept or design studies will not be accepted.
Technology and process innovation
As “technology innovation” significant developments in the process optimisation, in machine and tool production, in the receipt or similar categories can be awarded.
The definition of „technology“ for this purpose is intentionally very wide. The innovations should be in use for the first time in 2007 or be at least markt-ready.
Deadline for proposals is October 31th 2007
We do of course treat your competition data confidentially, a premiere on K'07 or other exhibitions will not be endangered.